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Stocking up

利众棋牌It is good to see people stocking up on supplies. They should do it anyway for at least a week ahead, not just because of a virus. People have made themselves almost helpless anymore. This reminds me when people were afraid of the atomic bomb, and were building underground shelters everywhere, stocking them with everything, food and everything else. I wonder what happened to all of those shelters.

利众棋牌Empty planes

Now the airlines want $50 billion. I have the solution to that problem: Quit flying around empty jets. That costs a hell of a lot of money.

Editor’s note: Delta has cut 70% of its flights, while American eliminated 70% of international flights and 20% of its domestic flights. Fanning flames

利众棋牌The media is fanning the flames of hysteria when it comes to coronavirus. They tell us the mortality rate is 10 times that of the regular flu. But what they leave out is 10 times in the risk groups such as the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. For the rest of us, it’s no big deal.

Editor’s note: Tell that to the Italians. Greedy people

I’m just wondering why the stores, knowing that this flu bug was coming and that shortages were going to happen, that they allowed people to overbuy certain products, leaving other people with none. People that can’t afford to buy large amounts because of their incomes. I just think it’s a real shame that there’s so many greedy people out there that have left people without. Shame on you.

Cleaning solution

利众棋牌I’ve driven by several of the schools yesterday in the day and I haven’t seen one car in any of the parking lots. What happened to all the disinfecting and cleaning they was going to do this week?

利众棋牌What about it?

利众棋牌Where were all the liberals and all the media back during the Obama White House when swine flu killed over 12,000 Americans, and it took him six months to even admit there was a problem?

利众棋牌All at once

利众棋牌Years ago, the traffic signals in Downtown used to be synchronized, and you could drive about 20 miles an hour all the way through town without having to stop. Why don’t they just synchronize the lights now instead of taking them out and putting in stop signs?

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last evening it has come to my attention that a young pregnant lady flew from near ATLANTA GA and into st. Joseph...the GA county has 22 coronavirus cases...i think this could be a bad omen...


I agree. But not much can be done


kinda boring here.


利众棋牌nothing is SO certain as change...

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