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Sleepless nights

利众棋牌How can people like Nancy Pelosi sleep at night knowing that outside her luxurious gated living quarters live thousands of homeless Americans, sprawled out on sidewalks in tents and cardboard boxes, and garbage and feces all around them? Pelosi has spent the last three plus years plotting to derail President Trump. Yes, she is a person full of compassion, who is so concerned about the downtrodden. Many believe that she will be re-elected.

Check the checker

This is in response to the comment about the Washington Post fact checking presidents and the number of lies they’ve told. What I wonder is who’s fact checking the Washington Post利众棋牌? That could be a very interesting page.

利众棋牌Impact of virus

利众棋牌My company is cutting hours for over half of our plant due to coronavirus concern. If they’re truly worried about our health, how come they’re not cutting hours across the board?

利众棋牌Union largess

When your company cuts your hours and you bring home less pay, but your union president refuses to answer whether he will take a cut in his pay, that says a whole heck of a lot about how you’re valued by your company and your union.

Pollen patrol

Oh boy, we have another problem besides the virus. The allergy season has started. I never know the difference between a cold or allergies — now I have to wonder if it’s the virus. I always knew my head was my weakest part.

利众棋牌Another disaster

利众棋牌The social distancing ban in the community will last until it’s time to sandbag the levees along the Missouri River. Then, at that time, we’ll be able to be around as many people as necessary.

Mind games

利众棋牌This goes out to “In his mind:” They didn’t turn down a million test kits from the World Health Organization, but they did turn away tests that weren’t FDA approved, that were giving on an average of 14 to 15% false positives.

No clue

I’ve been watching the news here lately on this coronavirus. You know, it’s really amazing how much parents are so detached from their children, when parents have to call and ask a professional, “Hey, how do I entertain my child? How do I do his homework or her homework? How do I spend time with my child?” … Parents do not have a clue how to take care of their kids nowadays.

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Releasing low level offenders from prison due to the coronavirus... STUPID, the prisoners are safer INSIDE those walls than outside !!! visiting has ceased at Missouri prisons...


I heard a MAGA hat wearing fool the other day espouse " Trump may be a habitual liar but I believe every word he says."


If you receive a $1200 check from the government and you are against Socialism I'll be happy to take it off your hands for you. After all you wouldn't want to sacrifice your principles anymore than you have already.

I suppose my question would be are all those folks that said "he ain't my president" going to cash the check he arranged?


A perfect example of how money talks and socialism walks.


see how quickly the "freebies for everyone" disappeared...the crazy loon Democrats have NO playbook now..


利众棋牌Unless the money is a government socialist program. Is it coincidental that when ever the government hands out cash in a socialist way it is the idea and proposal of the republican presidents and their cabinets at the time? Must be something in that party.


they can't wait for their grubby paws to grab that check


利众棋牌Can't answer because I never said it and have never heard anybody say it or write it till you just did. Another case of conservative transference?


利众棋牌The bill for our pandemic has come due: It's time for MAGA to pay up.


I'm sure there are other countries that could use your services Socialist..


I have served this country ever since March 13, 1968 when I raised my hand and swore to protect it and the Constitution. That oath has never expired. Tell us how much you have served this country and when did you take that oath?


利众棋牌Check the checker. One would need examples of lies and misstatements from the post to call for fact checking it. Any good newspaper fact checks itself. I bet even the SJNP does it too. Since you are one of the uneducated that t rump loves so much you have obviously bought into one of his biggest cons which is tho convince any news organization that has the nerve to affront his greatness is fake and phony. One need only casually observe t rump to realize he is the fake and phony.


As you are.


Yes I observe him make a fool of himself daily.

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