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利众棋牌TV to the rescue

With all of this news 24/7 about how to get the virus and then how to die from it, I am sure glad for Law and Order reruns.

利众棋牌You said it

I wonder why everybody is buying all of this toilet paper. They must be full of something…


利众棋牌I wish someone would explain to me why everyone is so excited over what the glorious leader said just several weeks ago was a Democrat hoax. Now it turns out it’s a pandemic. Kind of makes you wonder about whether or not you can believe what he says.

Closing time

利众棋牌I wish the school district and Missouri Western would consider the health of the whole community, the elderly and the immune compromised, and close those schools for the rest of the year. It made me physically sick to see the East Buch kids playing a tournament, potentially spreading a virus amongst healthy carriers that will eventually make its way back to their own grandparents and other compromised people in the community. All of the schools should be shut down now to stop the transmission.

Editor’s note: It was not our school district’s call to continue with the state basketball tournament. The SJSD has decided to close schools until April 3 at this point. MWSU extended its spring break until March 23.

In his mind

Isn’t it amazing watching Mr. Trump go on television and brag about what an amazing job he’s done with the coronavirus when everyone in the nation understands that he has blundered this entirely from the very first day? He turned down a million test kits from the World Health Organization because he was in denial and trying to hide the fact that the pandemic was coming here. Sad.

利众棋牌Stepping up

利众棋牌A message for all those that are critical of black athletes in America: Many NFL and NBA players are stepping up and donating millions of dollars for the lower workers at the stadiums for meals to poor people during this pandemic.

Election looms

I bet the Democratic Congress is wishing this virus happened toward November instead of now. You know, they’d love to try to put off the election since they can’t win. They’d love to say, “Oh, we can’t have an election. This virus is just too dangerous.” Yeah, you’re not going to win anyway.

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利众棋牌So at this point, we’re really back to 2016 levels on the market. We’re closer to 15,000 than we are to what we were at a month ago. Bungled response to the virus is the reason. Poor leadership.

利众棋牌I wonder if Lump is going to sign any screen shots of the DJIA today?? 🤣🤣🤣


利众棋牌idiocy is never served's always leftovers


stock market currently at 2016 level. Doesn't help when leadership is indecisive and inconsistent


doesn't help when aj0201 badmouths every thing President Trump says or does.. like you could do any better !!!!

利众棋牌Yeah. My postings on a relatively small newspaper’s discussion website are the problem. 🤣🤣🤣. Do you suppose Lump will autograph something for Lou Dobbs today?? 🤣🤣🤣


nah, but you're so important maybe he'll autograph a napkin for you


there is NO discussion if you are the only person posting.. lmao. today you got lucky


利众棋牌TV to the rescue, I also enjoy Law and Order reruns! Grateful for netflix and Hulu as well. My garage is going to get a good cleaning as well during this time!


it's good you have something to do.....FINALLY


利众棋牌Stepping up....there is a misconception about the professional sports leagues that they are filled with thugs. In reality, professional athletes are often times highly involved in their communities and give a lot to various causes. The incidents of criminality are less than the general population.


some athletes ARE thugs..others are very responsible people


Why would democrats want to extend Presidebt Lump's presidency any longer than necessary?


利众棋牌why would anyone want to be a Democrat ?? that's the question

利众棋牌I don’t know. But why would any conservative want to vote for Presidebt Lump?


votes for Trump are far better than votes for ANY dumbocrat


Closing time, its a difficult decision. If you close too early, you're considered to be overreacting. Too late and they think you don't care. I do know that the games that were played had probably about 400 people in attendance in an arena that can hold close to 11,000. Let's hope they all are ok.


利众棋牌In his mind, Trump has only one thing on Trump's mind and that is Trump

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