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Danielle Dierenfeldt a Minnie cline second grade teacher won a chance to work out with action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger in Los Angeles.

Not many fans get the chance to work out with their favorite action movie hero.

利众棋牌But Danielle Dierenfeldt recently had that experience. Every year for the past several years, the Minnie Cline Elementary School second-grade teacher and her husband, Jeremy, have taken their family to the Arnold Sport Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

利众棋牌This past festival, Dierenfeldt entered a photo contest sponsored by a ladder supplement company and won an opportunity to work out with Arnold Schwarzenegger at Gold’s Gym Los Angeles on Dec. 12 last year.

“I was starstruck at first because I didn’t know what to expect,” Dierenfeldt said. “But then he just started talking like a normal person to us.”

利众棋牌Dierenfeldt said the two talked about her job as a teacher and how Schwarzenegger sometimes goes to a local college to teach.

利众棋牌“That was kind of cool we could relate on that level, and also before he left he gave me a kiss on the forehead and gave me a hug,” Dierenfeldt said.

利众棋牌She took part in Schwarzenegger’s hour-long morning workout, which begins at 7 a.m.

利众棋牌“We worked arms and shoulders and then we did some ab work and some legs, all machine work. He doesn’t really work with free weights anymore,” Dierenfeldt said.

Dierenfeldt also said people at the gym leave Schwarzenegger alone as he works out. They know not to bother him while he’s there.

“It’s not like he’s the movie star that he is while he’s in that gym,” she said.

It’s a miracle on a another level that Dierenfeldt got to work out with Schwarzenegger. In October 2018, she suffered a giant cell tumor in her finger. The tumor returned two days before she was to meet with Schwarzenegger.

“I worked out with Arnold on Friday, and I had surgery on Monday to remove the tumor again,” she said.

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