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Even though many businesses are closing down or cutting hours due to COVID-19, public safety officials continue to work as normal.

There are a few safety measures officers can use that the Centers for Disease Control has recommended.

“We don’t make an unnecessary contact with individuals, things like that, but obviously in our line of work, we have to make contact with individuals, officers are just exercising good judgement,” Sgt. Jake Angle with Missouri State Highway Patrol, said.

利众棋牌Angle stressed troopers will still be out on patrol.

利众棋牌“It’s business as usual, our mission hasn’t changed. It’s just the way we’re conducting that mission,” Angle said.

利众棋牌Right now, the biggest change is within the Driver’s Examination Division.

“We’re doing written testing, but we’re not doing any of the actual driving portions. It’s close contact with somebody in a confined space,” Angle said.

利众棋牌The Missouri Public Safety account on Twitter made a statement that the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency is “procuring and will be distributing more personal protective equipment.”

利众棋牌Angle said troopers are not using any type of protective gear against the coronavirus, but they remain busy.

“We still have to go out there and our jobs are to enforce the law, we’re going to do that job,” Angle said. “We’re just going to exercise do caution and implement those steps we need to implement to try to lessen any exposure or anything like that.”

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